Temperature, Pressure & Humidity

When measuring air quality, gas, particle and VOC sensors must be compensated correctly for temperature
and relative humidity; PID and NDIR sensors also require pressure correction.

These sensors provide a simple digital solution for those environmental measurements and can be located
next to the gas sensors – an important solution to an air quality problem.

The RHT-A1 measures both temperature and relative humidity; the PRHT-A1 measures temperature and
relative humidity, plus barometric (absolute) pressure. Both sensors provide a digital, corrected output via an
I2C interface, direct to your microprocessor.

The PRHT-A1 and RHT-A1 solve three requirements when measuring air quality:

  1. Temperature and humidity measurement sensors must be kept away from heat sources
  2. Temperature and relative humidity sensors should be next to the sensors to be compensated
  3. The humidity sensor should respond as fast as the gas sensors

Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Data Sheets
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PRHT-A1/RHT-A1 Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensors Data Sheet Download