Chlorine Sensors (CL2)

Chlorine Gas Sensors

Exposure to the toxic gas Chlorine (Cl2) can lead to irritation of the nose, dryness in their throat and a cough in the short term. Exposure to higher volumes can cause far more series issues, from significant irritation, to bronchitis and death in some cases. With strong disinfectant properties and usage in a variety of manufacturing industries, Cl2 usage is increasing and continues to present a significant risk to life.

Cl2 Sensors are available in a wide range of formats, making them suitable for use in fixed and portable detection instruments as well as other instruments and systems where monitoring of Cl2 is required.

Alphasense Cl2 sensors

At Alphasense, we provide a range of chlorine gas sensors, all designed to operate using proven fuel cell technology. With us, you can purchase a Cl2 sensor in the following sizes:

A: 20mm diameter, the industry standard size for portable gas detectors
B: 32mm diameter package, the best choice for fixed site application
D: Miniature, with proven long-term performance, for the next generation of gas detectors

The Cl2 range provides OEMs with reliable sensors for use in a number of high volume applications. Strong signal levels combined with low zero current allows resolution to 20ppb and an operating range from +0 to 20ppm. The sensors are suitable for inclusion in fixed installation sensing heads and portable safety instruments.

These sensors have improved transient response to humidity changes compared to competitors’ equivalent sensors.

The Cl2 sensors offer our electrolyte leak-free guarantee and reliable long-term detection performance. The leakproof housing is moulded with a colour coded top for ease of identification.

Application notes

Download Toxic Application Notes – see application notes for full details.

Sensor Specification Summary

Compare Alphasense Chlorine sensors – sensor specification summary.

Data Sheets
File Description Type
CL2-D4 Data Sheet Download
CL2-B1 Compact Data Sheet Download
CL2-A1 Small Data Sheet Download