Carbon Monoxide Sensors (CO)

Protecting lives with reliable Carbon Monoxide sensors

Carbon monoxide is a highly dangerous toxic gas that poses a significant threat. What makes it particularly hazardous is its invisible, tasteless, and odourless nature. It often lurks in populated areas due to the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles and heating systems, making it imperative to have efficient detection systems in place.

The silent killer: Carbon Monoxide’s deadly nature

Carbon monoxide is commonly known as ‘the silent killer’ for a reason. Without any discernible characteristics, it becomes nearly impossible for individuals to detect its presence without the help of carbon monoxide sensors. This has led to tens of thousands of deaths each year, emphasising the urgent need for reliable carbon monoxide sensors.

The crucial role of Carbon Monoxide sensors

Carbon monoxide sensors are available in a wide range of formats, catering to both fixed and portable detection instruments. These sensors play a vital role in safeguarding human lives by providing early warnings when carbon monoxide levels rise to hazardous concentrations. By alerting people to potential dangers, these sensors enable swift evacuation and intervention, preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and fatalities.

Versatility and reliability

The versatility of carbon monoxide sensors makes them suitable for various applications. They can be integrated into fixed systems to monitor indoor environments, such as homes, offices, and industrial facilities. Additionally, portable carbon monoxide sensors are essential for professionals working in hazardous environments and rescue teams responding to emergencies.

Advanced detection technology with Carbon Monoxide sensors

Thanks to advances in detection technology, modern carbon monoxide sensors offer increased sensitivity and accuracy. They can quickly identify even trace amounts of carbon monoxide, ensuring timely responses to mitigate potential threats. Investing in high-quality, reliable carbon monoxide sensors is a crucial step in safeguarding against this silent but deadly gas.

Choose safety first

As carbon monoxide continues to pose a significant risk to public safety, prioritising the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide sensors is crucial. Protecting lives and preventing these incidents requires the commitment to use cutting-edge technology for detection and monitoring.
Don’t compromise on safety. Invest in dependable carbon monoxide sensors today to secure a safer environment for everyone!

Alphasense Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Alphasense carbon monoxide sensors are available in a wide range of formats and both PPM and PPM variants, making them suitable for use in variety of applications, from fixed and portable detection instruments to environmental monitoring systems and networks.

A: 20mm diameter, the industry standard size for portable gas detectors
B: 32mm diameter package, the best choice for fixed site applications
C: 20mm diameter with extra height for additional filter material when measuring combustion gases
D: Miniature, with proven long-term performance. Sensors for the next generation of portable gas detectors

The Alphasense family of carbon monoxide sensors have proven themselves in the field with long term stability and reliable operation, well beyond the two-year warranty, using our patented electrode technology. The ‘X’ sensors have low hydrogen sensitivity, as drop-in replacements for the standard ‘F’ sensors.

Application notes

Download Toxic Application Notes – see application notes for full details.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Specification Summary

Compare Alphasense Carbon Monoxide sensors – sensor specification summary.

Data Sheets
File Description Type
CO-D4X Carbon Monoxide (low Hydrogen cross-sensitivity) D-Series sensor Data Sheet Download
CO-D4 Filtered Data Sheet Download
CO-CX Combustion, low hydrogen cross sensitivity Data Sheet Download
CO-CF Combustion, filtered Data Sheet Download
CO-CE Combustion, high concentration Data Sheet Download
CO-BX Compact, low hydrogen cross sensitivity Data Sheet Download
CO-BF Compact, filtered Data Sheet Download
CO-B4 Compact, 4-electrode, low ppb Data Sheet Download
CO-B1 B-Series Carbon Monoxide sensor Data Sheet Download
CO-AX Small, low hydrogen cross sensitivity Data Sheet Download
CO-AF Small, filtered Data Sheet Download
CO-AE Small, filtered, high concentration Data Sheet Download
CO-A4 Small, 4-electrode, low ppb Data Sheet Download
CO-A1 A-Series Carbon Monoxide sensor Data Sheet Download