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Our high-quality non-toxic and toxic gas sensors and devices are used in a broad variety of applications and instruments including; portable gas detectors, fixed gas detection systems, flue gas analysers and environmental monitoring instruments and systems.

With a portfolio of products which provides detection of all common gases, many exotics and particles from PM1 to PM10, Alphasense’s range is reflective of their established reputation as a provider of both reliable and versatile gas sensor technologies.

  • Electrochemical Sensors for detecting common gases such as Oxygen (O2 Sensors), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S Sensors) and Carbon Monoxide (CO Sensors) as well as more than 30 specific toxic gas sensors.
  • Photo-Ionisation Detection Sensors (PID Sensors) for the identification of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Catalytic Sensors (LEL Sensor / Pellistor) which are fully certified for the detection of flammable/combustible gases.
  • Infrared Sensors (NDIR sensor / IR LEL Sensor) for the detection of gases including Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Sensors), Flammable gases (LEL), Combustible gases and Hydrocarbons,
  • Particle Counters (PM Sensors) which detect and count particles of PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 and PM10

Our sensors come in a range of formats which include:


A-Series: Sometimes referred to as the 4-Series sensor by manufacturers, in many respects, the Alphasense A-Series is the industry standard size for gas sensors at 20mm in diameter and 16.5mm in height. We produce the A-Series for a range of target gases in both PPM and PPB versions, as well as in both Catalytic LEL and IR LEL formats.

B-Series: Sometimes referred to as the 7-Series sensor by manufacturers, it measures 32mm in diameter and 16.5mm in height. The B-Series is available for a broad range of target gases and in both PPM and PPB variants. The B-Series is often used in fixed gas detection solutions as well as in air quality and environmental monitoring applications.

C-Series: Our C-Series is in affectively an extended-height version of the A-Series. This increase in height gives increased capacity for additional filter material for measuring combustion gases. At 20mm in diameter and 23.1mm in height, the C-Series is used specifically with the detection of combustion gases such as Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide.

D-Series: Also referred to as our Miniature Sensor, is the smallest cell we produce with a tiny form factor of just 14.5mm diameter and 8.3mm in height. We produce the D-series in a broad range of gases and its form factor makes it ideal for use in portable and discreet applications.  

We know how important sensor quality is to the performance of OEM instruments and as testament to this we provide 100% traceability on every sensor shipped. As an agile organisation, we can respond to our customer needs with fast kanban-based deliveries, on-time shipping and pricing agreements which ensure we offer the best value with respect to volumes required.