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MiniaturesKey Features & Benefits:

Small Footprint

Including the world’s smallest two-gas sensor, only 14.5mm diameter, this family of sensors allows significant savings in gas detector size.

Reduced Height

8.4mm high, making the sensor ideal for low profile instruments.

Low Weight

Less than 1.5 grams with excellent shock resistance.

Good Connectivity

Uses industry standard, low cost, Molex sockets for direct board insertion.

Reduced Costs

High quality design with a significant reduction in the cost per measured gas, allied to reduced manufacturing costs are passed on to OEMs

Application notes

Download Application Notes – see application notes for full details.

Sensor Specification Summary

Compare Alphasense Miniature sensors – sensor specification summary.

Data sheets

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File Name Description Type Download Link
SO2-D4 Sulfur Dioxide, miniature, 4 pin Data Sheet
O2-G2 Oxygen, miniature, 2 year Data Sheet
O2-G1 Oxygen, miniature, 1 year Data Sheet
NO2-D4 Nitrogen Dioxide, miniature, 4-pin Data Sheet
NO-D4 Nitric Oxide, miniature Data Sheet
HCN-D4 Hydrogen Cyanide, miniature, 4-pin Data Sheet
H2S-D4 Hydrogen Sulfide, miniature, 4-pin Data Sheet
D2 Dual Gas CO/H2S, miniature, 4-pin Data Sheet
CO-D4 Carbon Monoxide, miniature, 4-pin Data Sheet
CL2-D4 Chlorine, miniature, 4-pin Data Sheet
CH-D3 Flammable Gas Sensor, miniature Data Sheet


Staying at the forefront of sensor technology guarantees the best solutions for our customers



Each and every sensor is manufactured to the highest standards and tested for long-term reliability



Through investment and innovation we strive to exceed environmental and legislative targets


Download Data Sheets

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Download Application Notes

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