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2Sense Dual Gas

2sense new March 2015Save space and save cost with our 2Sense family of dual gas sensors, in the A-series 20mm size.

With a patented design and best response, these dual sensors offer the required performance with obvious advantages.

  • CO / H2S the COH-A2 builds on 10 years of experience with our original D2 sensor.

  • SO2 / H2S the SOH-A2 measures the two critical Sulfur gases together within one sensor body and using a software algorithm, separates the two gases for clear discrimination.

… and coming soon

  • NO2 / O3 the NOO-A2 determines the two important oxidising gases for air quality monitoring.

Data sheets

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SOH-A2 Small, SO2-H2S Data Sheet
D2 Dual Gas Miniature, CO-H2S Data Sheet
COH-A2 Small, CO-H2S Data Sheet


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