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Staying at the forefront of sensor technology guarantees the best solutions for our customers



Each and every sensor is manufactured to the highest standards and tested for long-term reliability



Through investment and innovation we strive to exceed environmental and legislative targets


Alphasense Sensors

Affordable wireless air quality networking has arrived combining Alphasense’s low cost and high sensitivity sensors linked with electronics, GPS, GSM and advanced data algorithms.

Alphasense designs and manufactures sensors for inorganic gases and Volatile Organic Compounds where parts per billion (ppb) detection is required, and optical aerosol/ particulate monitors for PM 10 / PM 2.5.

Our Products

With a broad portfolio of products and support for detecting all of the common and many of the exotic gases, Alphasense has established a reputation as the source for a wide range of gas sensor technologies for both portable and fixed site air quality monitors for urban air, indoor air quality and odour detection.

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Why Alphasense?

  • Customer service second to none
  • High quality, high performance sensors
  • Low warranty returns
  • Impartial and informed technical advice
  • Responsive action
  • Pro-active support
  • Reliable, quality innovation

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