Dual Sourcing of Gas Sensors

Recent global events have tested supply chains to the limit with many OEMs suffering due to the inability of their historic suppliers to deliver the volumes they require.

Increasingly, OEMs are looking to insulate their supply chain by securing a second source for critical components and whilst for many of our customers we are their primary source, we are well positioned to act as a second source for others.

With 90% of our products are made onsite in Braintree, UK, we have worked hard to secure our own supply chain in order to deliver the volumes of sensors our customers need. Since the pandemic took hold in 2020 we have increased our output by 25% to support our growing global customer base.  

If you are looking for a stable & secure second source we would love to hear from you.

Key reasons to work with Alphasense on second sourcing are:

  1. We offer over 150 gas sensor models
  2. Our A-Series and B-Series are directly cross-compatible with the popular 4-Series and 7-Series sensors
  3. In addition to providing physical compatibility, we can manipulate sensitivity, response time etc to mimic the sensors you currently use. This reduces/negates the need to make hardware/firmware changes
  4. Having been acquired by AMETEK last year, we offer the financial stability and consistency of ownership that you need This allows us to commit to long-term pricing agreements which allow you to plan for the future of your business
  5. We can fulfil high volume orders and have significant capacity for expansion in our UK facility

If you are looking for an alternative supplier, please complete the details below and one of our Regional Sales Managers will be in touch to discuss how we can help.