Our team’s high level of expertise and many years’ of experience in a variety of gas detection technologies guarantees delivery of innovative, superior quality products.

Our current range of sensor technologies includes Electrochemical, Catalytic, Optical (NDIR & PID), Semiconductor/metal oxide & Spectroscopy. Utilising our many years of in-house experience, we continue to seek new advancements and develop innovative technologies for the benefit of our customers. With 25 years in the business, we have access to some of the best technical and academic expertise available today and we work with a number of Universities and research establishments worldwide.

We fully appreciate the role that academia and start-ups play in the advancement of technologies and we actively encourage re-investment through joint ventures which combine emerging technologies with our scientific, manufacturing and commercial experience.  

We work closely and in the strictest confidence with our customers, giving them the sensors they need and the performance end-users demand.

Electronic Interfaces:

To support our safety and industrial customers in the early stages of development or where a rapid introduction to market is needed, we offer a range of quality designed electronics including 4-20mA transmitters, signal conditioning boards and evaluation units. Supporting our Air Quality Network partners, we also supply low-noise Analogue Front Ends for interfacing with our customers wireless platforms.