Alphasense’s unique Automated Test and Validation System (ATAV) is at the centre of our commitment to both quality of product and excellence of service.

Every sensor we produce is monitored continuously before final testing, ensuring complete stabilisation prior to characterisation. Each sensor is then assigned a unique bar-code and associated test data is stored in our custom database. This not only provides us with an important diagnostic tool but allows us to maintain data with respect to sensitivity, time of response and recovery and zero off-set. Lastly, as a part of our standard process, we maintain an ongoing archive of product samples which allows us to access both electronic and physical records for all of our manufactured products.

Additionally, the ATAV system can perform a variety of customer specified tests with inorganic gases and VOCs from ppb to % concentrations.

With ISO 9001-2015 certification and excellent process control we have the tools to provide our customers with sensors which are supremely reliable and deliver repeatable results, factors which both have a direct impact upon the reliability and accuracy of OEM instruments.

Alphasense Ltd Compliance Statements