Alphasense Unites with Policymakers and Environmental Leaders to Inspire Faster Green Recovery

On Thursday 21st July, Alphasense joined other industry leaders at a key event in London to encourage sustainability and clean air quality.

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) Parliamentary Reception brought together a broad spectrum of businesses, with the common goal of driving environmental change and green recovery.

Sales and Marketing Director for EMEA, Will Parrett, and Technical Director, Ronan Baron, represented Alphasense as “environmental pioneers” at the event, which was held on the terraces of the House of Commons.

Steve Double, Member of Parliament (MP) serving as the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Nature Recovery and the Domestic Environment, spoke about progress on the Environment Act and reinforced opportunities for closer collaboration between the Government and industry. In addition, Chris Skidmore MP talked about the progress that Net Zero has made while Mims Davies MP, discussed the skills opportunities for members.

EIC Chairperson, Alex Tosetti, also spoke as part of proceedings at the exclusive, in-person event.

Will Parrett said after the reception: “It was great to see so many businesses in one place, all with the common goal of driving sustainability to create a cleaner world. In our case, air quality is the specific issue, and an area where our gas and particulate sensors play an essential role.”

Alphasense has a strong track record in encouraging cleaner air quality, supporting both the Northern Air Quality News Conference in Manchester last May, and the National Air Quality News Conference, in London, due to be held in November.

We offer a range of gas and particulate sensors, supported by over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience. Alongside a broad portfolio of sensors for industrial gas safety, we also produce high-accuracy PPB sensors and PM sensors for air quality and environmental monitoring applications.