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Particulates & aerosols are most dangerous components of poor quality air and we know that the size and composition of these particulates determines their toxicity. At Alphasense, we pioneered a range of Optical Particle Counters (OPCs) designed by aerosol scientists and engineered by Alphasense, delivering high-quality particle counts and sizing at affordable prices. The range has continuously evolved since to offer the best quality, low cost devices on the market.

Tested by research organisations and university laboratories worldwide, Alphasense OPCs provide digital outputs of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 (and optionally PM4.25) along with histograms of the particle count for each size. Our (patent pending) flow correction ensures stable readings, even in high dust environments.

Alphasense OPCs are being using commercially in a broad range of both clean and highly polluted urban environments and are increasingly being used in industrial applications.

OPC – N Series

In response to long-term projects in highly polluted urban environments, Alphasense has further ruggedized the OPC-N range and improved functionality in line with the demands of commercial applications. The latest OPC-N3 has the same dimensions and power/interface as the older OPC-N2, however it now measures from 0.35μm to 40 μm and sorts into 24 size bins.

Additional features of the OPC-N3 include improved aerodynamics with reduction of particle deposition, better small particle detection and extended upper size measurements. As a result, the OPC-N3 can measure from in a broad range of applications, from clean rooms to areas with pollution levels of up to 2,000 μg/m3 (PM2.5), all with the unique feature of being able to measure pollen.

OPC-R Series

The OPC-R series gives excellent performance in a device which is not only extremely small at just 70mm long x 21mm diameter but is also extremely cost effective. The OPC-R2 superseded the OPC-R1, bringing with it improved small particle detection, reduced fan noise and better EMC protection than its predecessor. The R1 and R2 have identical power requirements, communication protocols and data formats meaning that upgrading or transitioning from R1 to the R2 is painless.

Using state of the art laser-scattering technology, the OPC-R series devices benefit from clean flow paths with 0.3 L/minute flow rate and collimated optics. Our removable flow exit adaptor allows for easy system integration and the SPI interface & PC analysis software make for simple data collection and analysis. With 16 sized bins, the OPC-R2 can record PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 every second along with size histograms – critical when your application requires more than just the PM.

OPC-R1 software download here
OPC-R2 software download here
OPC-N3 software download here

OPC interface cable assembly diagram: here
SPI and OPC interface cables guide: here
OPC SPI – USB wiring diagram: here

OPC-N3 sensor

OPC-R2 sensor

Data Sheets
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OPC-R2 Particulate Monitor Data Sheet Download
OPC-N3 Particulate Monitor Data Sheet Download