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Application Notes

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Metal Oxide
Reference Number Description File Download
AAN 601-02 Metal Oxide Sensor Overview
Reference Number Description File Download
AAN 301-04 Introduction to Photoionisation Detection (PID)
AAN 302-04 Interfacing the PID-AH and PID-A1
AAN 303-05 PID Intrinsic Safety
AAN 305-06 VOC Correction Factor
AAN 306-03 Calibrating, Maintaining & Cleaning the PID-AH and PID-A1
AAN 307-03 Gas sampling with PIDs
AAN 308-01 PID ASIC Change
Reference Number Description File Download
AAN 010 Design Considerations in Gas Detector Sampling
AAN 101-03 Health and Safety Information
AAN 102 Warranty Information
AAN 103 Shielding Toxic Sensors from Electromagnetic Interference
AAN 104 How Electrochemical Gas Sensors Work
AAN 105-03 Designing a Potentiostatic Circuit
AAN 106 Humidity Extremes: Drying Out and Water Absorption
AAN 107-06 Intrinsic Safety Information for Approvals
AAN 108-03 Protecting and Handling Oxygen and Toxic Gas Sensors
AAN 109-02 Interfering Gases
AAN 110 Environmental Changes: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
AAN 111 Modelling Amperometric Electrochemical Gas Sensors
Reference Number Description File Download
4-20mA NDIR Transmitter Software download
ISO certification ISO Certificate 2016
PCB Sockets Socket reference numbers and suppliers
SDS 072-0098 Safety Data Sheet - Toxic Sensors

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